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Plastic Vacuum Tube - 5mm ID x 1mm Thick - 6 meters
Plastic Vacuum Tube - 5mm ID x 1mm Thick - 6 meters

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Product Code: 7M0955961B

This official VW flexible plastic tube has multiple applications, and is commonly used for vacuum connections.

For shorter than 6 meter lengths please see item 7M0955961B-60.

Transporter 74-79 w/ fuel injection - used to connect the fuel pressure regulator to the intake plenum

Vanagon 80-92 - used to connect the charcoal canister purge valve to the intake plenum - 40cm needed

It fits 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, and 1992 models.

Supersedes: 191955961; 191955961A; 191955961B; 191955961C; 191955961D; 1H0862190; 1H0955961; 1H0955961A; 1H0955963; 1H0955963A; 1H2955661; 1H4862190A; 1H4971161; 1H4971161A; 1H4971161B; 1H4971161F; 1H5862190; 1H5862190A; 1H5862190B; 1H5971161; 1H5971161A; 1H5971161E; 1H6862190; 1H6862190A; 1H6862190B; 1H6862190C; 1H6862190D; 1H6862190E; 1H6955961; 1H6955961A; 1H6955961B; 1H9862190; 1H9955661; 1H9955661A; 1H9955661B; 1H9955661C; 1H9955661D; 1H9955961; 1H9955961A; 1H9955963; 1H9972175A; 1J6955744F; 1J9955744G; 1M0955961; 1U0955961; 1U0955961A; 333955661; 333955663; 333955663A; 333955961; 333955961A; 333955961B; 3A9955961; 3B0955963; 3B0955963A; 3B0955963B; 3B9955961; 535955961; 535955961A; 535955961B; 536955961; 6H0955963; 6H0955963A; 6K9955744E; 6N0955961; 6N0955961A; 6N0955961B; 6N0955961C; 6N0955963; 6N0955963A; 6N3862190; 6N4862190; 6X0955961; 6X0955963; 701955961; 701955961A; 701955961B; 701955961C; 701955961D; 701955961E; 701955961F; 701955961G; 701955961H; 701955961J; 701955961K; 701955961L; 701955963; 7D0955697F; 7D0955697G; 7D0955963; 7M0955961; 7M0955961A; 867955961A; 867955961; 867955961A; 895955963; 8L0955961; 8L0955961B; 8L0955963; 8N0955953; 8N0955963; 8N0955963A; N0201401; N0201402; N0201408; N90001401; N90001402; N90001403; N90001405; N90001408; N90001418; N90002101; N90002102; N90002104; N90002105; N90002106; N90002107; N90002108; N90002109; N90002112; N90002113; N90002119; N90002122; N90002124; N90002125; N90002128; N90002129; N90002131; N90002132; N90002133; N90033104; N90282214; N900282217; N90282226; N90282232; N90282234; N90282235; N90282239; N90282243; N90282246; N90282248; N90282249; N90317103; N90317111; N90317302; N90317303; N90317309; N90317314; N90317315; N90350105; N90350118; N90350119

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