The Bay Area’s VW Bus & Vanagon Repair Experts

Looking for a mechanic who works on VW air-cooled engines or knows the waterboxer inside and out? Here at Buslab, we specialize in the weird stuff that only happens with old VWs. We can fix anything on your classic Volkswagen at our Berkeley shop, including these common repairs: 

   Oil changes and tune-ups

   Pre-purchase and travel inspections

   Repairs & upgrades to the VW camper equipment 

   Electrical issues

   Emissions and engine running problems 

Learn more about repairs for your VW Bus, Vanagon, or other air-cooled Volkswagen.

Vanagon Subaru Conversions Are Our Specialty

We didn’t invent the Subaru conversion, but we’re on a mission to perfect it. There are a lot of Vanagons driving around with Subaru engines, many with tens of thousands of trouble-free miles. We’ve done over two hundred Subaru conversions, and we know how to do the process as cleanly and efficiently as possible. Learn more about Vanagon Subaru Conversions.

The advantages are numerous, from improved performance and reliability and less frequent maintenance, to more accessible and affordable parts, and improved gas mileage.

VW Vanagon & Bus Care & Maintenance

Making sure your VW van receives the correct care and preventative maintenance is the best way to help keep it running smoothly. We perform regularly scheduled maintenance, and we can advise you on any unique issues your VW is having. Get our best tips for taking care of your VW Bus or Vanagon

VW Air Cooled Engine Service & Repair Appointments

We know from experience that each VW van needs unique and special care. Please call or write us to make an appointment so we can discuss your issue. That way, we’ll be able to set aside time to get yours fixed right. Read more about our appointments, or call us now in Berkeley at 510-658-6400.

We’re open for repairs Monday – Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.