adrian migotti

Service Advisor

What I like about VW vans: How versatile and unique they are.

How I got interested in them: I've always been into tinkering on old things, and my grandpa used to have a Ghia that I loved. I started camping in my first van (an old Chevy G20) in 2010, and got my first Bay Window Bus in 2011.

Best trips and favorite places: Medicine Bow, Moab, and Niagara Falls were my best trips. My favorite places to camp are Big Sur, Tahoe and anywhere with Redwoods.

Funny story from a road trip: The time when my van lost it's coolant in the middle of the Mojave and I used my drinking water to make it out of there... barely. And the time some guy tried to steal my bike off the back while I was sleeping in it.

Favorite upgrades: High-top, T3 sway bar, Honda trail bike on the back

Tricks and tips: Check your fluids, get a dog, and camp all the time. Take care of your van and it will take care of you!

What brought me to Buslab: I stopped by to get parts on a road trip and wanted to work here.