Office Manager

What I like about VW vans: They are cozy and they get you to your destination (mostly).

How I got interested in them: When I started working at Buslab in 2013.

Best trips and favorite places: My best trips were to the Lost Coast, Yuba River, and Big Sur. Out of those, the Lost Coast was my favorite place, and I'm really looking forward to camping in Utah!

Funny story from a road trip: We got stuck in the sand on the beach at Timber Cove, and worked all night trying to get the van unstuck. In the morning we woke up to divers outside saying "yeah, this must be one of those four wheel drive vans, one of those Syncros". Nope! Not a Syncro, we're just stuck!

Favorite upgrades: High top, truck mirrors and a sweet dog.

Tricks and tips: Sign up for AAA Premier.

What brought me to Buslab: I got to know Steve when I was working as a barista, and one day he let me know a position had opened up at Buslab!