jamil nelson

Shop Foreman

What I like about VW vans: There's nothing quite like them on or off the road.Everywhere you go you'll meet someone with their own VW van story.

How I got interested in them: My first trip up the coast in Marco's Westfalia.

Best trips and favorite places: Sedona, Fruita and Moab were my best trips, but really my favorites are anywhere with trails and trees, especially Mendocino and Santa Cruz.

Funny story from a road trip: The time my transmission blew up driving to work the morning after getting back from a 2500 mile road trip through Washington and Central Oregon.

Favorite upgrades: The high roof!

Tricks and tips: If you don't know , you should ask somebody how to do it.

What brought me to Buslab: The Northern California vintage water-cooled VW community did. A friend of over 15 years was a service writer at Buslab and a friend of Steve's. They offered me a job and I kissed bike shops goodbye.